Bobbi Boldon

Bobbi's story as Bobbi tells it: I started in real estate in 1978. Prior to 1978 I was a wife and mother, but I got fired from the wife job. My mother had died the year before, I was raising my two children and my 13-year-old sister. All accustomed to food with their meals. It was divine intervention that led me to real estate, I guess it's my calling. Here I am, all these years later still finding real estate solutions for amazing people. I think my retirement day and my funeral will probably be the same day.
Bobbi has also very successfully worked as a community manager for new home builders in metro Denver. That gives her the insider story on how to buy from the builder and why you need an agent to represent you. Bobbi has also attained the status of Professional Speaker and trainer. She has spoken at many conventions and seminars as an expert in her field. Her real estate training has taken her across the United States, speaking to thousands of agents. She says all that training has made her a great student, learning the steps and secrets of agents in her classes. Learning real estate secrets goes both ways, she's proud to say. Bobbi has been responsible for running her own real estate company, but her true passion is in helping people buy and sell houses. Bobbi says it's the best feeling in the world to find the right house for someone or get the top dollar for a seller. Doing an amazing job gives her an overwhelming feeling of success. After all these years she's made flexibility her hallmark. She has worked with some of the most successful people in the city and she's worked with first time buyers and sellers that are struggling to get started in real estate. nobody is too big or too small to get her undivided attention to details.

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